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Workers Are Fasting Over Darigold’s Dangerous Working Conditions: “The Carnage Is Daily and People Need Change”

Rep. Peterson stands in solidarity with the workers at Darigold, and joined them for a protest to demand action. Read an excerpt from the coverage below, and click the link at the bottom to read the full article.

“A broad coalition of labor groups, farm workers’ rights groups, and dairy workers started a fast Thursday at Darigold’s offices in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, demanding that the state’s largest dairy company improve working conditions.

“Unfortunately, Darigold has yet to hear our calls so as of today we have ceased eating,” said Erik Nicholson, national vice president of the United Farm Workers. “We know nothing more to do to call attention to the dire situation than to fast. This is a fast for reconciliation, it’s time for the state’s dairy farmers to partner with dairy workers, not see them as adversaries or tools that they can throw out when they are done with.”

The workers claim the company is allowing sexual harassment, wage theft, unsafe working conditions, and employee retaliation at its member dairies.”